Details emerge on Medtronic breach

More details have emerged on the Medtronic breach noted previously on this blog. Christopher Snowbeck reports:

In early July, the manufacturer notified patients about a box of training records that had gone missing from a facility in Minnesota, Resman said. Most of the documents and records in the box dated back to 2008 and were connected with training in the use of insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitoring devices.

Medtronic believes the box has only been misplaced and remains on company facilities. However, there is “at least a possibility,” Resman said, that the box no longer is under Medtronic’s control.

It’s possible that some patient records included Social Security numbers, she said, but added: “We believe that to be a very small number.” Resman said the total number of patients contacted was 2,764.

Read more on Pioneer Press.

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