Details of 10,000 MS workers among stolen data

Last week, this site reported on a story from Times Online about the new Lucid Intelligence database of identity details that had been found up for sale by cybercriminals. The database consists of 120 million records on 40 million people worldwide, compiled by identity theft expert Colin Holder and others. Users can conduct a free search to determine if any of their details are in the database. If they are, they can pay a fee to find out which records and details had been found up for sale by cybercriminals. The story on the searchable database seems to be gaining more attention. Yesterday, Dark Reading posted something about it, and now SmartHouse in Australia also has a story on it:

In an interview with SmartHouse, Holder  said that Australia ranks third behind the USA and the UK when it comes to illegally obtained data. Holder has collected the information over the past four years from law enforcement organisations from around the world, such as police forces and the FBI as well as from anti-phishing and hacking campaigners.

“I recently got an email from a former FBI agent who is now working for Microsoft. He was inquiring about what data I had. I told him that I had data on over 9,000 Microsoft employees who had been compromised”. He said.

Over 50,000 Australians and over 4 million Brits reportedly have at least some of their details in the database. Most of the data, though, comes from Americans.

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