Detective: Hundreds could be victims of identity theft

Travis County [Texas] deputies have arrested a man who they say is responsible for hundreds of cases of identity theft.

Piles of checks, drivers’ licenses, gift cards and receipts blanketed a table at the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday.

“We recovered 70 fake Texas licenses and ID cards, 628 stolen and counterfeit checks,” said Detective Carri Turner.

Turner says a routine traffic stop on March 10 put an end to 37-year-old Brian Walsh’s two year identity theft operation. The majority of his victims are from the Austin area.

“So there’s potentially 64 victims whose drivers license numbers have been compromised. There are 628 counterfeit checks, and the majority of the checks has different routing and account numbers. We estimate at this time that there are 400 routing and account numbers — so 400 different victims.”

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Detective Turner is quoted in the story as saying that due to the number of victims, the charge against Walsh will have the same punishment as homicide.

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