Did some disgrace besmirch “Anonymous” by hacking Turkish hospitals and leaking sensitive patient info?

The leak of more than 50 million Turkish citizens’ information in 2015 and 2016 was cause for great concern. Now Kevin Collier reports on a claimed hack involving Turkish citizens’ information that involves very  sensitive personal and medical information. The hack was first reported by Hurriyet.

Collier reports:

A self-proclaimed member of the hacktivist group Anonymous has posted the extremely personal health information of scores Turkish citizens. According to a purported sample of the leaked information, that includes patients’ HIV status and records of past abortions. In a video announcing a hack on a number of Turkish hospitals, a figure wearing the standard Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask says that the attack is “revenge” for recent cyberattacks against two American hospitals. He claims to have breached servers in several Turkish hospitals, downloaded a vast trove of patient medical histories, then deleted the original files from the hospital databases.

Read more on Vocativ. If the data are confirmed as valid, and Kevin tells me he’s gotten some preliminary or partial confirmations already, here is my message to the hacker(s):

I don’t care what your issue or excuse is. Hacking a hospital and dumping and/or deleting patient data is morally bankrupt

And I would encourage anyone who has affiliated with “Anonymous” or ever declared themselves to be “members” of Anonymous to speak up publicly and denounce this type of dangerous hack and data dump. The @YourAnonNews account has already spoken up to reject this attack, but I would like to see more “Anons” and Anonymous-related accounts speak up firmly like this:

Nor we as @YourAnonNews nor @crymora nor anyone we know and trust has anything to do with this. This leak is bullshit. @heavie

You cannot and do not make the world a better place by using patients as pawns and treating them like collateral damage for your political goals. You’re not making the world a better place when you attempt to delete data that puts people at risk of compromised medical treatment. You’re not making the world a better place when you put vulnerable individuals at risk of discrimination, or attacks by homophobics or extremists. You do not make lives better by ruining the lives of innocents.

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