Digital Ocean dumps Mailchimp after attack leaked customer email addresses

Simon Sharwood reports:

Junior cloud Digital Ocean has revealed that some of its clients’ email addresses were exposed to attackers, thanks to an attack on email marketing service Mailchimp.

This story starts last week when some of the blockheads in crypto-land noticed that email marketing service Mailchimp had suspended service for some of their fellow travellers.

Read more at The Register.


Email Service ‘MailChimp’ Suspends Crypto Accounts Without Notice

Digital Ocean has written up its decision to dump MailChimp and advice to their users on its blog.

Between Signal urging users to activate registration lock in account settings after a phishing attack on Twilio exposed some Signal users’ phone numbers, and Digital Ocean urging two-factor authentication for those who hadn’t already activated it because of the MailChimp incident, it’s been a week of security reminders.

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