Jun 042010

Dan Browning reports:

A massive data theft from the e-commerce company Digital River Inc. has led investigators to hackers in India and a 20-year-old in New York who allegedly tried to sell the information to a Colorado marketing firm for half a million dollars.

The Eden Prairie company obtained a secret court order last month to block Eric Porat of Brooklyn from selling, destroying, altering or distributing purloined data on nearly 200,000 individuals. Digital River suspects that the information was stolen by hackers in New Delhi, India, possibly with help from a contractor working for Digital River.

Read more in the Star Tribune.

  One Response to “Digital River sues over data breach”

  1. Without knowing what customer information was stolen, it is impossible to list this as a breach. It might only be delivery information without any credit card or other financial information. I guess we will have to wait this one out.

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