Direct TV Hacked & Data Leaked by @digitalcorrupt

@digitalcorrupt has taken sights to servers owned by Direct TV ( an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California. As a result of this the direct vt servers have been hacked and now a dump of information has made its way to pastebin. The hack happened early today and appears to be via a wordpress installation, which for such a large company to be using a open source free blogging software is just pathetic to say the least. The leaked data contains a brief message a dump of administration accounts which contain usernames, emails and encrypted passwords as well as a list of IP’s that are said to belong to the direct TV servers. Leak message:

Welcome to our first release, we would like to give you some juicy information; let’s take a look at it! say("LOL at Direct tv, thanks for the access!"); say("Direct TV, Would you like to give us some wordpress information? Yes! Why thank you!"); list("Direct TV wordpress");

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