DisCONTInued: The End of Conti’s Brand Marks New Chapter For Cybercrime Landscape

Yelisey Bogusalvskiy & Vitali Kremez write:

On May 19, 2022, the admin panel of the Conti ransomware gang’s official website, Conti News, was shut down. The negotiations service site was also down, while the rest of the infrastructure: from chatrooms to messengers, and from servers to proxy hosts was going through a massive reset.

Conti News – a shame blog is the last beacon of the group’s public operation where victim data was published. It also served as a media tool that Conti used for their endless public statements (one of which led to the gang’s downfall).

This publicity function of the blog is still technically active (and this activity, as shown below is highly strategized). At the time of this publication – May 20, 2022, Conti was even uploading anti-Americanist hate speech claiming the USA to be “a cancer on the body of the earth”. This, however, only manifests that the website became an empty shell. At the same time, the crucial operational function of Conti News which was to upload new data in order to intimidate victims to pay is defunct, as all the infrastructure related to negotiations, data uploads, and hosting of stolen data was shut down.

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