Dispatch Radio for Buses/Ground Vehicles Exploited By .c0mrade

@OfficialComrade has released another exploited system that they claim to of had control of for a few days. The system based in newyork is the Dispatch Radio for Buses/Ground Vehicles and the exploit shows that the networks that these systems are on appear to be unprotected. .c0mrade has also left a bit of a message again in the release so here it is.

America is a subterfuge. We’ve given this country plenty of times to expedite but they remain misinformed. Agencies are confound and they piss all over our burial sites. We aren’t mystified, folks It takes one mistake to shatter your future. Nowadays though, the Feds are cracking down on individuals who are on the lower sea level and they use them to get to the wiser Taskmen. If you’ve already got a hit of it, don’t stop, keep going, Until the End of Time. I’ve been helplessly staring off at all you savvy engineers. I’m disappointed. #AreYouReady? The Nodes are switching off between NY, LA, and Phoenix. Furthermore, I had some icky software silently running in the background for a couple of days. I pulled some Data off the sequencers and satellites but I don’t want to be a douche and leak it all. Moreover, it was running off passwords that the Manufacturer had set by default, i.e: "CleverDevices1, 051, 127, etc." There’s a lot of Junk Code so I’d recommend CTRL + F’ing: Pass, Password, User, IP, etc.

The exploited data that was released to prove this was infact done was basic servers and ip information as well as a huge dump of information that contains a few passwords and login information. https://pastebin.com/paexMYLk

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