Do IT Consultants victim of attack by Ragnar_Locker

On September 2, Ragnar_Locker added Do IT Consultants in Canada to their “Wall of Shame.”  For its listing, they wrote:

Due to high level negligence and careless network security of DO IT employees, has been allowed a huge leak which affected on clients of the DO IT company. No matter that they are an IT company who should be in charge of the network safety more than others, they are totally not interested nor in the building safety perimeter, neither in resolving the detected issues.

Such clients are involved in this leak:

  • Gryphon Law Chambers Professional Corporation
  • West Highland Church
  • Dr Ananthan & Associates
  • Heart House Hospice
  • Ontario Glass Werx
  • St. Jude’s Academy
  • Wild Coast Productions & Event Rentals Inc
  • OCCA Consumer Debt Relief Inc
  • jauchem meeh inc
  • Kim Family Chiropractic

So, if there are still any companies who works with DO IT – our security recommend is DON’T DO IT, better to cancel any cooperation with them immediately.

According to our rules we are publishing the full data which were compromised during security research of the DO IT

Those organizations who collecting and storing private data, should be in charge of it’s privacy.

The data leak is described as having a total data volume of 613 GB.

When DataBreaches started to look into this listing, we discovered that Do IT Consultants’ website is no longer online and the last time it was archived by was in early 2022.

After examining some of the files in the data tranche, DataBreaches reached out to OCCA on September 3 via email and asked them three questions:

  1. Had Do IT Consultants notified them that they suffered a ransomware attack in which your data was stolen from their server?
  2. Had Do IT Consultants notified them that the stolen data with sensitive and personal information on your clients was leaked on the dark web where anybody can download it freely without any password? and
  3. Has OCCA notified its customers who had their personal data stolen and leaked?

OCCA did not reply to the inquiries.

DataBreaches did not reach out to other DO IT clients, but notes that the tranche does contain network information as well as personal information.


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