Jan 102018

Oh good grief. You can’t even walk dogs without risking a breach of your personal information, it seems. My friend Sheila Kaplan sent this one along, as reported by Rolfe Winkler and Robert McMillan:

Wag Labs Inc., the startup behind a popular dog-walking smartphone app, inadvertently exposed webpages showing customer information including addresses and lockbox codes that could have enabled thieves to break into homes.

The information was on obscure pages on the company’s website that weren’t password-protected. It isn’t clear how long the pages were accessible. They were taken down late last week.

Read more on The Wall Street Journal.

  3 Responses to “Dog-Walking App Exposed Home Addresses and Lockbox Codes”

  1. S Kaplan, is your friend? The notorious NYT reporter? I know both names are common. Still had to ask.. if same person, impressed

    • The Sheila Kaplan who is my friend is not a reporter. She’s a philanthropist and a fierce champion of student privacy and the need for parents to opt their kids OUT of directory info disclosures.

  2. And Yes, it’s a creepy app… same goes for people who post their vacation photos while Actually on vacation to Their social media accounts.

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