Dollar Tree hacked over weekend, business as usual on Monday

Bryan Baker of WRDW in Georgia reports that Dollar Tree in North Augusta was hacked over the weekend:

Employees say someone hacked into the store’s computers, potentially exposing sensitive customer information.

North Augusta Public Safety says so far there have been no identity theft complaints from Dollar Tree customers. The store agreed, telling News 12 there were no victims from the incident. [Wow — no ID theft or fraud reports in a 24-hour period. That’s so……. reassuring — Dissent]

But three years ago, hundreds of Dollar Tree customers in California and Oregon had their PINs stolen. Those numbers were used to withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from ATMs.

This morning, business as usual. Credit and debit cards were being used again at the North Augusta store Monday morning.

Although there was speculation that the 2006 incident involved a hack of their POS system, I don’t recall ever seeing any definitive statement as to how the cyberthieves acquired the customer data. I wonder what happened this time. I’ve emailed Dollar Tree to ask for more details, and will update this post if I can find out more.

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