Domino’s Delivery Guy Demanded My Social Security Number

Is Domino’s trying to cut down on credit card fraud by demanding customers provide some ID? Phil Villarreal writes on the Consumerist:

Brent says the Domino’s dude wouldn’t let him pay with a credit card unless he offered up his Social Security Number or driver’s license number. Since Brent was smart enough to know you only give such information to Girl Scouts and those guys who go to door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions, he checked it out with his local Domino’s, which told him the nosyness is store policy.

Read more on The Consumerist.

Domino’s is not the only one to do this, of course. A few months ago, The Consumerist posted a similar complaint about Pizza Hut.

My understanding is that merchants can request cardholder ID but cannot decline a card-present transaction if the customer doesn’t produce ID. Is that your understanding, too?

Thanks to the reader who sent in this link.

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