Domino’s India Allegedly Hacked: 7 Years of Internal Docs, 10 Lakh Credit Cards on Sale for Rs 3.4 Crore

Shouvik Das reports:

Domino’s India, the popular pizza delivery chain, reportedly faced a data breach that includes internal company documents of the past seven years, private data belonging to over 250 employees, customer details from over 18 crore food orders and over 10 lakh credit cards that may have been saved during checkout and payments. The breach was reported by Sourajeet Majumder, who further reported the incident to Domino’s India and Cert-In, among other authorities. The database remains active on a dark web cyber raid forum, News18 could confirm via Majumder, and the hackers have demanded a ransom of 50 BTC (approx. Rs 21.3 crore as of publishing) from Domino’s India, should the latter not wish for their data to be traded.

A Domino’s spokesperson was unavailable for comment, and efforts to reach the company remained unsuccessful at the time of publishing the story.

Read more on News18.

If true, this would not be the first breach involving Domino’s in India.  In 2012, 37,000 customers had their data leaked following a hack, but this one is certainly more massive, if true.


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