Domino’s India hack: new developments

There are new developments in the Domino’s India breach first disclosed last month.  Zee reports:

Domino’s India has become a victim of a major data leak as more than 18 crore orders’ data has been put up on dark web for sale as a searchable database, allowing hackers to track and trace users from their verified locations.

Last month, Domino’s India suffered a massive data breach wherein sensitive information such as phone numbers, names, and payment information including credit cards were compromised.

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April 16 Forum Listing Offering Data for Sale
Forum post on April 16 offered 13 TB data for sale The seller has since set up a site for people to lookup their information. Image:


Lookup form allows search for customer information by phone number or email address
Site allows Domino’s India customers and employees to look up their information by phone number of email address. Image:

OpIndia has a chronology of the hack and forum listing with data for sale or lookup.

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