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Since 2006, and its affiliated sites, including, have been run without any corporate funding or sponsorship. It’s almost like companies don’t want me to keep reporting on their breaches.

I won’t even try to add up how much I have spent out of pocket paying for domain registration fees, hosting, storage, Cloudflare, and other services, but it’s a lot. And although I get love notes from whitehats and intel firms and I appreciate firms offering to comp me for events, it would be nice if I had some actual sponsorship or support for this site.

This site does not and will not accept paid content, as it clearly states in the footer to this site, and trying Google ads years ago made me feel, well…. just dirty.

So after some persuasion by someone smarter than me, I have set up a Monero wallet.  If you would like to donate to keeping these sites alive and can donate XMR, here is my Monero address for donations:

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Thank you for any support.