Dozens of hospital staff access medical records of suicidal reality soap star

Dozens of people have been able to access the medical files of a television reality show star who tried to commit suicide, according to television current affairs show EenVandaag.

Samantha de Jong, better known as Barbie, was admitted to hospital in January after trying to kill herself.  She had hardly been off the tv since she took part in reality soap Oh Oh Cherso, about a group of Dutch youngsters on Crete, in 2010.

The hospital has confirmed it is investigating the security breach. EenVandaag said routine checks revealed that ‘dozens’ of members of staff had accessed her files, even though they were not involved in her treatment.

Do they not have “break the glass” procedures or other controls there? Have they not been firm enough about firing snoopers? Why did this happen and happen so extensively?

I have noted snooping in celebrities’ medical files in too many cases over the years. There are some technological solutions that can help as well as other strategies. Maybe the Dutch hospitals should invite my sponsors from Protenus, Inc. over there to show them how they can prevent this kind of thing in the future? If this is what is holding up progress in creating a digital EMR system, then they really really need to deal with this already.


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