Drone Maker, Alpha Unmanned Systems, Hacked & Defaced

Anonymous hackers have hacked and defaced the front page of a drone maker, alpha unmanned systems (https://alphaunmannedsystems.com/) . The defacement features the below message and video and only appears to be on their front page. > ALL THE DRONES TANGO DOWN!!! This is just another covert corporation funded by the CIA. And just as uavnavigation.com you have been hacked. Manual remote control of the UAVs plus the video transmission, both without a proper encryption? Are you serious? Guess some border patrols and law enforcement fags will soon miss some drones…LULZ, YOUR LEVEL OF FAILURE IS OVER 9000!!! FREE BRADLEY MANNING!!! STOP THE TORTURING AND KILLING of peaceful people in Syria and Bahrain!!! STOP ATTACKING peaceful "occupy" protesters in USA, Canada, Germany, and all over the world!!! CLOSE GUANTANAMO BAY!!! And for god’s sake, stop that Orwellian INDECT bullshit NOW!!! Guys like you are nothing but tools of the terrorists of this world. Terrorists like Bashar al-Assad (regime of Syria), Barack Obama (regime of USA) and King Hamad (regime of Bahrain).

At the end of ther defacement they state they have changed passwords for the admin and wiped the current system as may or may not of embedded a trojan/virus in their network file system for backups.. this is certainly going to have the IT team working around the clock to figure things out to see if they have been infected or not.
> Oh…Your password for the admin panel was not safe, so we allowed ourselves to change it. The other files from this server were wiped, so feel free to restore the backup from the NAS, it may or may not contain a trojan… FOR THE LULZ!!! Power to the people! Hack the planet!

Also in a early tweet from @YourAnonNews they state that this is for the Lulz.. although it would appear to be in retaliation for all the recent hype about he usage of drones. > RT @YourAnonyNews: DEFACEalphaunmannedsystems.com | Defaced by #Anonymous | For teh lulz and because drones. #antisec

At time of publishing the site was still defaced but you can also find a mirror of it here

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