Drone taken down by GPS attack

Last week American had a very embarrassing time, trying to cover up then fully admitting that Iran had gotten control of one of the spy planes they use to do surveillance on other countries, otherwise known as a drone.In recent days it has come to light that the attack on the drone was done by GPS, by confusing the drones GPS then hijacking control of it, Iranian hackers gained control of it and landed it 100miles from the Afghanistan boarder. Yesterday Iran announced they have almost broken the encryption of the drone and have set out a warning to Afghanistan to stop using such drones. This comes as quiet an embarrassment to the national security of America, with 2 drones being infected by virus while still at an US airbase two months ago, now this drone that has been stolen outta the sky in what some would say is much like a movie script. When the drone was captured it was meant to be in control of the CIA, who have yet again failed to up hold security. So what does this mean for the security of GPS? and everything controlled by GPS? Its been a well known fact now for some time that GPS encryption is not that good and it has been broken in the past.

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