Dropbox hacked? Not so fast… (updated)

A hacker group calling themselves @1775Sec on Twitter claims to have hacked DropBox. They’ve since posted some data on a paste site that consists of names and e-mail addresses. Lee of CyberWarNews.info, however, has challenged them to provide real proof, noting that the data they posted matches previously leaked e-mail lists.

And for its part, Dropbox continues to deny it has been hacked:Status - Dropbox at 10.29.36 PM

Let’s not be so quick to believe claims of hacks we read on Twitter, okay? Wait for real proof… and a statement by the supposedly breached entity.

Update: at 11:36 pm, @dropbox tweeted:

And the “hackers” acknowledged that they hadn’t hacked it:

In answer to a question I had tweeted to them as to why they were targeting Dropbox, one responded:

That link went to a Pastebin entry citing Chris Soghoian’s FTC complaint against Dropbox over security and privacy claims.

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