DubStep.net Exposed to SQLi by @V0iD_Hacker

content/images/gallery/random3/dubstep-net-ouch-pastebin-com_.png One of the biggest dubstep websites has been exposed as being vulnerable to SQLi attacks. The website dubstep.net was exposed by @V0iD_Hacker who has posted the vulnerably on pastebin with the following message. The exposed vuln is on the search page which for those who do not understand, when you add ‘ to the URL and a error is displayed this can give a hacker a whole lot of information about the security of the website. best thing they can do is to make sure no errors are ever displayed to the public or just get proper developers who care about and known about real security.

The biggest site for the biggest music is vuln to SQLi, how awesome! The sad part is that it’s blind (or timebased, don’t really remember) The good part is that this vuln is new and fresh so that’s means 0day on some really fucked up way!


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