Dump of personal details and cc details,

PLEASE CHECK FOR YOU’RE AND YOU’RE FAMILY’S/FRIENDS DETAILS/EMAILS CTRL+F****decent sized dump of credit card details and everything personal you don’t want exposed with you’re credit card, Paste bin is turning into a kind of dump area for hackers, with what seems immunity from anyone removing it. This leak shows that so many hackers are coming out to play and dropping a lot of personal details. Anyway Make sure you’re details have not been disclosed. CTRL+F for quick search. NOTE: We not not endorse this type of leak in any way at all, infact we think this is scum.We have hashed the cc numbers so people don’t end up with unwanted bills, Sorry for posting other personal information directly, but these people need to cancel there accounts asap.All other personal information removed, except name and email.

Name: Casandra French Email: [email protected] Name: aanchal jagasia Email: [email protected] Name: Brittany Ybarra Email: [email protected] Name: Cicek Goeken Email: [email protected] Name: LeAnn Tatro Email: [email protected] Name: teresa mccarter Email: [email protected] Name: Danielle D’Incecco Email: [email protected] Name: jo campbell Email: [email protected] Name: Charlotte Dailey Email: [email protected] Name: Mariah Locke Email: [email protected] Name: Martha Barrios Email: [email protected] Name: Mohammad Afaq Email: [email protected] Name: julia trent Email: [email protected] Name: Jeanne Fudge Email: [email protected] Name: Anita Campbell Email: [email protected] Name: Kathy Clark Email: [email protected] Name: STACY PEEBLES Email: [email protected] Name: teresa mccarter Email: [email protected] Name: Valerie Kline Email: [email protected] Name: shameem javed Email: [email protected] Name: Anita Campbell Email: [email protected] Bill Name: Jill Williamson Email: [email protected] Name: Kootenai Med Ctr Gift Shop Email: [email protected] Name: Amber Clark Email: [email protected] Name: chris m arabie Email: [email protected] Name: Jennifer Ganske Email: [email protected] Name: Kathy Clark Email: [email protected] Name: Kelly Blanchette Email: [email protected] Name: Sylvia Lira Email: [email protected] Name: teresa mccarter Email: [email protected] Name: Teresa Carrera Email: [email protected]om Name: MELVEN JOLLEY Email: [email protected] Name: wardah/ imran panjwani sultan Email: [email protected]

Note to the hacker: Sorry if we offend u in any way at all, Best of luck with further hacks, please stay away from innocent people.

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