Dumped Medical Files Put Dozens of Omaha Patients at Risk

Molli Graham reports:

Thanks to an alert viewer, KMTV Action 3 News uncovers a frightening find that could put hundreds of people’s personal information in danger. Names, social security numbers, and sensitive medical records are left for anyone to find. We’re taking action to protect those records and get you answers.

On Tuesday night, we tracked down the doctor listed in those files. This all started when a concerned viewer came to us with a stack of medical records.  Inside the files is extremely personal information. The viewer found them in recycling dumpsters near 60th and Harrison Streets in Omaha. When we went out to the bins, we found at least a couple hundred more, all from the clinic, Gastroenterology Consultants.

Read more on Action3 News.    Here’s the video of the news coverage:

Note that the news station is hanging on to the patient files, something we’ve seen before in other breaches of this kind. So now people’s sensitive PHI is in a news room? I certainly hope that the files are not being viewed by people who have no real need to view them and that they are being secured.

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