Dumpsters full of employees’ documents at closed Albuquerque business could have been gold for ID thieves

Ryan Luby and Carlos Marquez report:

Who doesn’t love a good night on the town? Known for having more than one club under one roof, Graham Central Station in Albuquerque was the place to be.

But after nearly 11 years in the business, the doors are locked and the club is closed. Signs on the door tell of trouble with the landlord months ago.

Just weeks ago, 4 Investigates learned the battle is still raging and more than three-dozen people may be collateral damage.

“Driving down the alley, I noticed all the trash cans were full of boxes with what looked like files kind of spilling out the top of them,” said the person who tipped us off.

And they weren’t just any files – they were mountains of personnel files.

The club is pointing the finger at its former landlord, who, in turn, is pointing the finger right back at the club.

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