Dutch employment agency applicant data allegedly leaked following extortion attempt

@quentynblog kindly pointed me to what appears to be yet another extortion attempt that resulted in a data leak when the breached entity wouldn’t pay:

From the hackers’ post:

Dear friends (and enemies),

Last week, we hacked into the Web server of Accord.nl, a Dutch temporary employment company, downloading thousands of job applicant records.

We offered Accord.nl not to release the applicants’ data if they paid us a “fee” of EUR 10,000.

Apparently, their bottom line is more important to Accord.nl than their applicants’ privacy because they chose not to pay.

Here are their applicants’ records, divided into part A and B:

Pro Tip: The “ID” field helps you piece the data together

I won’t post the data here, but they include names, contact details, and plain-text passwords to go with email addresses.


There is no notice on Accord.nl’s web site about the alleged breach at the time of this posting, but the hackers involved appear to be the same crew that dumped AmeriCash’s data after they, too, refused to pay a “fee.”

The leak was revealed by @RexMundi_Anon.

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