Dutch MP who hacked into medical file system to make point about security fined by court

Loek Essers reports:

Dutch Member of Parliament (MP) Henk Krol was fined ¬750 (US$1,000) by the district court of Oost-Brabant on Friday for breaking and entering the system of the Dutch medical laboratory Diagnostics for You. Krol said he entered the system as an ethical hacker to show that it was easy to access and download confidential medical information.

Krol, leader of the Dutch 50plus party, accessed the systems of the laboratory with a login and password he had obtained from a patient of the clinic, who in turn had overheard the information at the laboratory from a psychiatrist that worked there, the court said in its ruling.

Read more on ITWorld. The court recognized ethical hacking as not illegal, but said that he accessed and printed more than what he needed to prove the point.

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