Eanes ISD Parents Outraged Over Tablet Security

Carolos Garcia reports:

WEST LAKE HILLS, Texas — Meaghan Edwards keeps a close eye on how much screen time her kids get at home, but after a phone call back in March, she wants to limit screen time at school, too.

“You’ve got to come here immediately something terrible has happened. Can you come to the classroom?” recalls Edwards.

Meaghan’s first grade son was discovered using a voice command to search his school-issued tablet.

“He had been accessing pornographic images through a google search,” she said.

A first-grader was accessing porn? How does a child that age know what porn is, and know what words to use in a voice command to find it? There’s a lot to be concerned about in this incident, and the conversation shouldn’t just be about filters.

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  1. Mickey Mouse - May 9, 2019

    So everyone knows this isn’t a tablet problem. This is a content filtering issue. And the IT staff at eanes has chosen to takeout a long time Cisco Systems technology architecture and replace Cisco with “other cheaper assets” that have allowed this breach.

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