EBay Disclosed Sellers’ Personal Information to Bidders, Will Change Practice

Sarah Messer reports:

EBay is the online marketplace for 25 million sellers, but did you know that when you signed up you gave the company permission to disclose your personal information to your bidders?

“GMA” Investigates has found that any bidder on an item can request – and receive in a matter of seconds – a seller’s full name, city and state of residence and phone number.


EBay declined an on-camera interview with ABC News, but the company told “GMA” in a statement that, of “trillions of transactions,” it was unaware of any case where the information was used maliciously.

But it added that the policy would change, writing: “Due to the low usage of this functionality, as well as enhancements to other forms of communication, we’ll soon be removing that feature for bidders and sellers engaged in an active auction.”

Read more on ABC.

I was surprised to learn that most people didn’t know this already. Live and learn….

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