Ebay hacked by @cslsec, info leaks to come soon

new group cslsec ( cant stop laughing security) has come out with a ebay hack and leaked some admin details, whilst they have already got booty from ebay and are sorting thru it, in the PR it states they will release more once they hit 65+ followers ( only 14 to go ) on twitter, so start the following and lets see what they go since its already been taken from ebay. Also this show big company are learning nothing, they are still insecure, hackable and this will continue to happen until they do something about it. Also so all web developers and administrations, please pick y’all game up and do not take on the job if u cant supply correct levels of security within your applications or networks. PR: This is cslsec beaming down to you from our cannons, we have a bit of body from a enemy vessel. This vessel we all know as Ebay! We have customer details, and admin details. However, we will not release all the booty at once! We hope to receive approximately sixty five followers by the end of tonight or more. The more people plundering this booty is the merrier, and all its wonder. Just a reminder, this is a press release. To all of you ebay users who may be reading this, Oh well! Unless your captains fix their vessel then we will gather again! cslsec We just can’t stop laughing! For today’s lulzy moment, we decided to leak details on ebay and here we go! Leak: https://pastebin.com/xbQCbsZk

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