eBay merchants shahizanhashim, Allowed Google to index customer information

Well, this would have to be one of the most stupid mistakes any person can make, allowing sensitive information from clients be indexed by search engines like google. while its not rare, in any case this happens a lot more then people realise, but it shows how anyone with a bit of PC smart behind them can easily use google to find your information content/images/gallery/random2/1607123.jpg In a statement the merchant’s owners apologised to customers and said they didn’t realise Google had indexed their website containing customer information. The total database of 791 customer transactions, which includes 228 transactions with customers in the US, was found to have been left wide open after an Australian eBay user discovered the page after doing a Google search for her name. The customer, who didn’t want to be named because she feared people could still Google her name and find her personal information, said she recently bought Christmas presents from the eBay seller. "I found that my personal details have been comprised and are floating around in Internet land for all to see," she said. Now, eBay alone should be held responsible for this, for allowing merchants to directly hold customer information in an insecure form. but would we ever see a big giant like eBay held accountable for its actions? i doubt it very much.

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