Ebola’s latest victim: privacy

Bob Collins writes:

News media has, basically, thrown the privacy book out the window when it comes to extending privacy.

CNN, in its story “Who is Nina Pham,” for example, drove to the woman’s church to get the dirt on the nurse, learning that she’s very religious. Ah.

Meanwhile, Amber Joy Vinson, another nurse infected with the Ebola virus after caring for Duncan, released a statement Thursday through the Kent State University website.

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  1. Anonymous - October 23, 2014

    The problem is that these Ebola cases are treated like “celebrities” (if they want it or not). And media feel that celebrities have less privacy rights than “normal” citizens. So this lure might abate after a while with the toll rising. And it will rise, I fear, because screening is totally inadequate. Looking for a person with fever with regard to a disease that has an incubation period of up to three wekks with a median of about, say, 10 days, is ludicrous and even helps spread the virus.

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