Edu-tech firm GeniusU fined $35,000 for data leak affecting 1.26m users

Rei Kurohei reports:

GeniusU, a Singapore-based education technology company, has been fined $35,000 for a data breach that resulted in the theft of 1.26 million users’ personal data.

The incident is one of the largest data breaches here in recent years, in terms of the number of users affected.

Read more at The Straits Times.
As reported in the past, the data from the GeniusU leak wound up being given away for free on a Russian-language forum. They were first leaked there in November, 2020. In January, 2021, another user of the same forum offered a leak that they claimed included “Email Addresses, First Names, Last Names, Website Activity, Social Links (twitter,google+,linkedin), Genders, Passwords, Country Locations.”  The data are no longer available from the file-sharing site.

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