Educational institution ROC Mondriaan in The Hague victim of major cyber attack reports:

The ROC Mondriaan educational institution in The Hague was hacked last weekend. All computers are down, which means that employees and students cannot access their files. The school is doing everything it can to get the system up and running again by next Monday.

The MBO school has started a forensic investigation into the cyber attack in order to gain an idea of ​​the scale and to secure traces. Experts are also looking at how they can get the computer systems up and running again ‘as safely and quickly as responsible’. In the meantime, employees and students will not have access to the systems and will not be able to access their data. The educational institution has also reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Personal data or other sensitive data may have been accessed or obtained by the attackers.

A spokesperson for the school does not want to confirm to RTL Nieuws whether there is a ransomware attack.

Read more on  ROC Mondriaan’s last update was August 24.

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