Educational Security Incidents Year in Review – 2009

After a hiatus, Adam Dodge’s ESI blog is back, and Adam has published his analysis of education sector breaches in 2009. From his summary:

The ESI Year in Review – 2009 examines all of the information security incidents occurring at colleges and universities around the world as reported in the news during 2009.

The information security incidents reported by institutions of higher education throughout 2009 were down significantly in both the number of incidents and the amount of information exposed. This downward trend in higher education incidents follows a broader downward trend in breaches across all industry sectors in 2009 . As such, 2009 saw fewer institutions reporting a smaller number of breaches. During 2009, institutions of higher education showed no Loss-type incidents, a significant change over the past three years. In addition, only one incident reported in the news affected multiple institutions, a substantially smaller number than 2008. In fact, many of the numbers in the Year in Review 2009 are close to those reported in 2006. However, the large number of institutions involved in this one multi-institution incident once against caused the number of institutions suffering from a breach to be greater than then number of breaches reported.

You can read the entire report here (pdf, 1.09 MB).

Welcome back, Adam — you’ve been missed!

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