Egregor threat actors pose risk to medical and dental entities

While some ransomware threat actors claim that they will not attack medical entities, others have not made any such pledge. In “Without Undue Delay,” noted that Egregor ransomware threat actors had added Dyras Dental in Michigan to their leak site in September.  As I reported in that paper:

The data dumped by the attackers as initial proof contained more than 100 files, almost all of which dealt with financial aspects such as insurance billings with patient protected health information, employees’ W-2 statements, and voice mail recordings containing patient-related information.  Dyras still has not responded to  inquiries sent to it in September and October and there is still no statement to be found on their web site.

As of re-check, there is still nothing on Dyras Dental’s site about any attack. Of note, the listing appears to be removed from Egregor’s dedicated leak site. Did the dental practice wind up negotiating something with the attackers, or is the listing removed for some other reason? does not know, but this appears to have been a reportable HIPAA breach that has not (yet) appeared on HHS’s public breach tool.

But also of concern, while looking at the threat actors’ leak site last night, I saw a number of other listings from the medical/dental space.

One of Egregor’s other listings is for Paramount Dental Studio in Huntington Beach, California. But the data Egregor dumped as “proof,” is not from Paramount at all. It appears to be a data dump from an Australian dental practice that is not naming at this time. has reached out to both Paramount and to the Australian practice to ask them about the listing, but has received no replies as yet.

Another listing, for Coldwater Orthodontics in Michigan, also included some data, but the data do not appear to involve any actual patient information and are more oriented to business forms and marketing at this point. It is not yet clear whether the attackers actually accessed or exfiltrated any protected health information.

Egregor also claims to have attacked Delta Dental Plans Association in Oak Brook, Illinois. has reached out to them for a response, and will update this post when one is received.

But it’s clear that Egregor, like NetWalker, Conti, and some others, has no compunction about attacking medical or healthcare entities.

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