Elizabeth Warren proposes holding execs criminally liable for scams and data breaches

Cory Doctorow reports:

A new bill from Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes personal, criminal liability for top executives of companies turning over more than $1B/year when those companies experience data breaches and scams due to negligence (many of the recent high-profile breaches would qualify, including the Equifax giga-breach, as well as many of Wells Fargo’s string of scams and scandals).

It is part of a raft of excellent policy proposals that Warren has introduced in conjunction with her bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination (I am a donor to her campaign, as well as the Bernie Sanders campaign): lowering drug prices with federally commissioned generics, an annual wealth tax on family fortunes over $50m, antitrust breakups of Big Tech, an end to the Electoral College and a national Right to Repair law for farm equipment.

Read more on BoingBoing.

To be clear, as I don’t think Cory’s article was, this bill may be in conjunction with her bid for the Democratic nomination, but this is not the first time Warren has proposed legislation relating to breaches. If you search this site for her name, you will find coverage of other breach-related activities on her part going back to 2014.

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