Email providers blacklist, now state can’t email some members of the public

When you think of consequences of employees clicking on phishing emails, did you ever think about how an entire state government might wind up having their email domain blacklisted?  It happened to Oregon because was used to send out spam after an employee clicked on a phishing email.  Hillary Borrud reports:

Oregon’s state technology workers are scrambling to fix a problem that is preventing thousands of government employees from corresponding with members of the public via email.

Several private email providers have blacklisted the state email domain after a state employee apparently clicked on a phishing email earlier this month that allowed a hacker to access the state’s computer system.

“The malicious link hijacked the state-owned PC and generated over eight million spam emails from an email address,” state officials wrote in an email explaining the situation to employees on Friday.

Now, private citizens with certain email providers can’t receive emails from state employees.

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