Email Security Breach Involving County Employees’ Bank Accounts In Sebastian County

Jordan Tidwell reports:

There was an email security breach between county employees’ in Sebastian County on March 15, Sebastian County comptroller Melissa Sinclair said.

Sinclair said a payroll administrator sent out an email to a group of county employees containing links to approximately 200 employees’ banking account numbers and routing numbers.

The links required a username and password and were disabled within three minutes. The email was recalled and deleted from people’s inboxes. Once the links were disabled, the window would say “404 file not found” if clicked on.

Sinclair said it was simply a mistake and no further investigation is being conducted.

So does that mean that they aren’t even reviewing their procedures and safeguards to see how they can prevent this type of mistake from happening again? Is there anything that they could learn from this or is it just business as usual?

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