EMC to build information infrastructure for Finland's patient records

Eric Wicklund writes in Healthcare IT News:

The EMC Corporation has announced that it will be providing the information infrastructure solution for the new national patient record archives being built by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA).

EMC, a global developer of information infrastructure technology with headquarters in Hopkinton, Mass. , will supply end-to-end architecture consisting of EMC Documentum, EMC Symmetrix and EMC Centerra to manage all content on the eHealth system.

Patient and prescription data will be stored on several Symmetrix storage systems and archived on Centerra content-addressed storage systems.

Officials at KELA say the “KanTa” archiving system will serve as many as 300,000 healthcare providers in Finland’s private and public healthcare and pharmacy industries. An electronic prescription system will be up and running this year, and a patient record and image archive is expected to be online in 2009.

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