Emergency Medical Associates of New Jersey security breach

On November 4th, lawyers for Emergency Medical Associates of New Jersey (“EMA”) notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office that in mid-July, the Secret Service had notified them that during the course of an independent investigation, the Secret Service had identified a total 27 American Express credit cards that were possibly the subject of identity theft. The Secret Service contacted EMA because the 27 affected American Express cardholders had all used their American Express credit card to pay a legitimate bill of EMA.

American Express notified the affected individuals. EMA reports:

Recently, the Secret Service completed an interview of an EMA employee whom they wanted to question as part of this investigation. Our understanding is that the Secret Service has not yet been able to determine whether any of the private information held by EMA about these twenty-seven (27) individuals was improperly disclosed or otherwise compromised. Although the Secret Service investigation is ongoing, they did recently authorize EMA to notify the afJected individuals about EMA’s involvement in the investigation and the potential identity theft.

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