Emmanuel College working to recover from attack that claims faculty and student data stolen

Emmanuel College in Boston appears to have become a victim of Avos Locker. The college was added to the threat actor’s leak site yesterday, with a note saying,

“Oh no! 140GB student and staff confidential data exfiltrated. If you value protecting students, pay us instead of shutting down domains.”

Listing on Avos Locker’s leak site. The notice threatens to leak data in 10 days and has a countdown clock. Image: DataBreaches.net

Although there is no notice on the college’s website about any incident, they first tweeted about an outage on April 27:

On April 28, they tweeted:

They do not appear to have publicly revealed that they have received any ransom demands.

As proof of claims, Avos has posted a few old employee W-2 files from 2014 And 2017. While the identity information would still be problematic to be in the wild, Avos has not yet provided any evidence of any student data or any current files.

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