eMoney Transfer Accounts Accessed

MoneyGram International has notified the Vermont Attorney General’s Office of a breach affecting some customers using MoneyGram Payment System’s eMoney Transfer system.

According to the letter dated June 29, during routine security checks, the company discovered that some customers’ accounts had been accessed by unauthorized individuals. The company insists, however, that there was no security breach on their end. The letter from Debra Guertin, MoneyGram’s Privacy Officer, said:

The access was not a result of breakdown in MoneyGram’s security controls. Although we have investigated thoroughly and contacted law enforcement, we do not know how the criminals obtained the customers’ login information.

The unauthorized access may have exposed the customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, transaction history, and last four digits of a masked credit card number. As a preventive measure, the company blocked access to those accounts and wrote to affected customers to ask them to call in and change their password to unblock their accounts. Customers were also offered a discounted rate on a subscription to services through Equifax.

Three Vermont residents were notified of the breach. The total number affected was not reported.

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