End of the world Data Leaked By Game Over

we-are-gameover Hacker Game Over @ThisIsGame0ver has today posted another leak of data that comes from various sites and services. The leak has been dubbed as #GameOverDay and comes on the 21-12-2012 (day the worlds meant to end) and was announced on twitter from Game Overs timeline and has been posted to the jollyroger.es archives. > #GameOverDayjollyroger.es/endoftheworld.… – US Defense Contractor, .mil Emails, Credit Cards, PayPals, SSNs, pr0n & More! #GameOverDay — Game Over (@ThisIsGame0ver) December 21, 2012

Just a few days ago we did a post on a CIA document leak by Game Over that contained files on terrorist and it would appear that today’s leak contains data from Defence contractors to porn and teen dating sites. Leaked data contains injectable links, extracted databases with full user credentials as well as leaked pay pal and credit card accounts that are claimed to be from "rich people". All passwords from extracted databases appear to have encryption. A defence contractor has also been hit in this attack with only administrators credentials being leaked. The leak was in the same format as the CIA one with a main index page and a video. Targets and information: – Military Accounts, unknown source.

Video on the leak index, R.E.M End of the world. Full archive can be found on JollyRoger.es

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