Ethical Hacker Who Claimed To Access Trump’s Twitter Account Won’t Be Criminally Charged by Dutch Prosecutor

Robert Hart reports:

A hacker who claimed to have logged into President Donald Trump’s Twitter account in October will not be punished because he tried to contact American authorities and report the security breach, a Dutch prosecutor announced Wednesday following a police investigation into the incident by the country’s High Tech Crime Team.

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My comment: Describing Victor Gevers in any light that paints him as a criminal is absurd. It is disturbing beyond words that Victor — who has spent years as an ethical researcher and who has responsibly disclosed hundreds of leaks and vulnerabilities to organizations — was not believed by some when he reported his findings.

That anyone would believe the word of Trump or his White House when they lie repeatedly as a way of life is the stuff facepalms are made for. Victor found something that should have been of immediate concern to those responsible for the security of the president’s account.  And given that anything — however ridiculous — tweeted from the president’s account tends to be believed by a large minority of the country, a takeover of that account could have tweeted material that could have incited violence or an international incident.

Victor should have been believed.  He should not have had to defend his reputation or his honor. It is those who denied his claims who should be explaining their refusal to respond appropriately to responsible disclosure.

You are free to disagree with my opinion but after following Victor for a number of years now, I have no doubt about his honesty or integrity.


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