Apr 172019

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

In a document published today, the European Commission has revealed that they don’t have any actual evidence of Kaspersky software being used for spying on behalf of the Russian government, as the US government alluded in 2017.

The document was the Commission’s reply to a series of questions submitted by Gerolf Annemans, a European Parliament member on behalf of Belgium, in March this year.

Read more on ZDNet.

I cannot say I am surprised by any of this. And because the U.S. government has  significantly damaged the firm and weakened international collaboration on law enforcement goals, I hope other countries remember the U.S.’s failure to support their claims with hard evidence the next time we make claims to allies and partners in law enforcement.


  2 Responses to “EU: No evidence of Kaspersky spying despite ‘confirmed malicious’ classification”

  1. HA! Little do they know……

    • Well if there is something to be known and the U.S. knows it but didn’t share compelling evidence with its partners and allies….. ???

      And of course, if you know something about this, you are welcome to contact me via Signal.

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