Europol confirms raid against DDoS extortion ring DD4BC, one arrest

Steve Ragan picked up on a press release from Europol. He reports:

A press statement from Europol says that in December, law enforcement officials in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, and the U.K. raided two people in an ongoing investigation against the extortion group DD4BC.

DD4BC, or DDoS 4 Bitcoin, has generated a good deal of buzz since they were first noticed in July of 2014. The group has been responsible for a number of DDoS related extortion schemes against targets in the public sector, including banks, publishers, and financial institutions.

Read more on Salted Hash. You can find the Europol press statement here. No names are provided, but Europol states:

Operation Pleiades resulted in the arrest of a main target and one more suspect detained. Multiple property searches were carried out and an extensive amount of evidence was seized.

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  1. Anonymous - January 12, 2016

    LEOs in five countries only raid two people?

    • Dissent - January 12, 2016

      It was a small but tasteful raid? 🙂

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