Evanston Township High School Defrauded Of $48,570 In Hack That Exposed 1,139 Identities

I’m backfilling a breach report from November as I just saw it now and it seems that others tracking k-12 data breaches may not have been aware of it, either.

Jonah Meadows had reported that Evanston Township High School officials in Illinois were scammed out of more than $48,000 during a monthslong data breach that also exposed the personal information of more than 1,100 Illinois residents.

I’m going to skip the fraud part and jump straight to the part dealing with personally identifiable information. As is often the case, the district was unable to determine whether data attached or in compromised email accounts had actually been accessed, so they wound up with 1,139 people to notify.

Kitchen said the district would send notification letters and offers of credit monitoring services to people whose identities — including Social Security, driver’s license, financial account and payment card numbers, usernames and passwords, and some medical or health insurance information — had been exposed to potential hackers during the beach.

Read more at Patch.

There does not seem to have been any update since that report.

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