Everett woman arrested for alleged ID theft

Jackson Holtz reports on HeraldNet:

An Everett woman was arrested Tuesday, accused of stealing another woman’s identity to get health insurers to pay for doctor visits and prescription narcotics, Washington State Patrol investigators said.

Police allege the woman, 48, received nearly $180,000 in medical services and prescription drugs in her identity theft scheme.

In 2006, she allegedly stole the identity of a roommate at a homeless shelter, said Sgt. Dennis Bosman, a State Patrol spokesman.

The woman is accused of using the roommate’s date of birth, Social Security number and other specific identification information to get appointments with doctors. Detectives believe she became skilled in presenting doctors with symptoms that likely would result in prescriptions for narcotics.

The roommate whose identity was stolen was a Medicaid client of the state Department of Social and Health Services, Bosman said.

In late 2007, a contractor for the state noticed duplicate billing for the client.

Full story – HeraldNet

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