Evernote: Important information regarding your discussion forum account

Posted yesterday on Evernote:

(Users impacted by this announcement will have received an email)

The vendor that operates https://discussion.evernote.com has notified us that they had been hacked. The hacker was able to retrieve our forum members’ profile information. We don’t believe that the hacker accessed any private forum messages.

Our forum is a completely separate service from the Evernote Service. The Evernote Service was not affected and your notes are still secure. We do not store your Evernote password on our discussion forum servers and you do not need to change it.

If you created an account on our old forum in 2011 or earlier, then the hash of the password you used at that time was taken as part of this incident. If you use that same password on other services today, please update it. For all other forum members, only your email address and birthday, if you provided one, were taken.

We are sending email notifications to all affected forum users detailing what was exposed.

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