Everything old is new again? Medusa attempts to up the pressure on a victim with a DDoS attack

Over on Suspect File, Marco A. De Felice has an exclusive on an attack by Medusa on Levare International, formerly known as Borets International. Levare, headquartered in Dubai, is a manufacturer of artificial lifts and submersible pumps used by the oil and gas industry. Its U.S. headquarters is in Houston, Texas.

Medusa Blog added Borets (Levare) to its leak site with a countdown clock showing more than 9 days left and a price tag of $500,000.00 Suspect File reports that after negotiations broke down between Medusa and Levare’s negotiators in Texas, the threat actors knocked Levare offline with DDoS attacks. They have also added them to their dark web leak site with a price tag of $500,000.00 and a countdown clock showing nine days left. Proof of claims is also provided on the leak site with screencaps of files.

While adding DDoS attacks to increase pressure on ransomware victims has been used occasionally by several ransomware groups over the past few years, DataBreaches has not heard many reports of its use recently.

Read more about this incident on SuspectFile.

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